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What my clients have to say...

  • I was the person that avoided all forms of exercise until I discovered Boot Camp. It's now an integral part of my life and I really miss it when I can't go. The motivation you get from Caroline and the other group members is fantastic and every session feels like a social event. Exercising with friends is always more fun and Boot Camp has got me fit and made me some amazing friends. I cannot praise it enough!!

    JH, Thakeham

  • I have been attending the bootcamp for over a year. The format is good, and I find that I am more likely to attend than I would a class because of the group spirit, and our instructor Caroline's gentle encouragement. The timing works for me after work, but if unable to make it having other options for classes at other times is useful. Would and do recommend this bootcamp.

    SV, West Chiltington

  • Having done no exercise for about 12 years, a friend persuaded me to come along to Caroline's boot camp. That was almost 18 months and I still love it! With endless motivation and enthusiasm, Caroline has helped me to become fitter and trimmer than I have ever been.

    DM, Thakeham

  • Joining bootcamp was the best thing I’ve ever done! Not only have I lost 3 1/2st & over 2 1/2ft around my body, I’ve made some fab friends as well. Caroline is a brilliant trainer. She really encourages you and makes you feel good about yourself. She is always at the end of the phone if you have a crisis. She always makes the three nights such fun as well.

    PG, Pulborough

  • I have had many gym memberships over the years and get bored easily but not with Caroline. We do a variety of sessions including kettlebells, plyometrics and body pump.

    Since training with Caroline for the past year I am stronger, more toned, my clothes fit better and I feel happy with myself. Caroline is terrific at inspiring and motivating and can push you further than you would think you are able to on your own. I look forward to my sessions each week!

    SW, West Chiltington

  • Caroline makes my training sessions varied, fun and challenging. I enjoy working with her as she motivates me and coaches me so that I get the most from each session.

    AA, West Chiltington

  • Caroline makes my training sessions varied, fun and challenging. I enjoy working with her as she motivates me and coaches me so that I get the most from each session.

    Caroline’s kettlebell workouts are my favourite training session as they are challenging, and really make you feel as though you have worked hard. I have toned up considerably since we started doing the sessions.

    WF, Billingshurst

  • In 2012 Bootcamp was a new year resolution starting in March for us both. A year on we are still going strong only a combined 162cm smaller and 22kg lighter. We still continue to lose steadily every 4 weeks, and if this is not amazing enough we are sleeping better, eating better, have more energy during our working day and longer endurance whilst exercising. None of this would have been possible without the continuing, unrelenting and positive support, motivation and guidance of Caroline. Caroline has the ability of not only motivating a group of "Happy Campers" three times a week but also providing 1:1 support. This has included for us nutritional advice and tailor made kettle bell exercise programmes. This has meant me and my partner have been able to go on this journey together through Caroline’s undivided support. We couldn’t have done it without her!!!

    ER and RH, Storrington

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